Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Garbage Park

This is the park
Where homeless hid their mahjong board
In the public toilets
To play on benches
When homeful people
Took their eyes elsewhere

This is the park
Where my foreign body comes
To kick itself into shape
Sweat out the toxins of age
Karate my worst enemy
My dojo between three trees

This is the park
Where soccer boys
Chase each other down
In homoerotic summer games
Leaving tessellated footprints
Empty sports drink bottles

This is the park
Where salarymen drink cheap sake cups
Poor young bucks scream at midnight
Find the mahjong board
Smash it into pieces
Drive unmuffled bikes home

This is the park
Where the wind blows garbage
In every season
Half drunk cans and PET bottles
Leaves clogging the chainlink fence
Mixed with mahjong board fragments

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