Sunday, January 21, 2018

Burning Horizon, Ivory Tower

Born of the Wilderness
I appeared in my roughhewn dress
Fumbled around the Gates of the City
Taught myself their Words
It wasn't pretty
Now I speak the forked tongue of the Lords
Cause Pens are much cheaper than Swords

Now is the Hour
There's a new Ivory Tower
They made just for me
But while I was walking there
They pulled down three
It's given me quite a scare
I wish I had been more aware

Don't expect a denouement
This is just my announcement
I have staked my life on
This outdated game
The Burning Horizon
Approaches the same
Stars returning as night came

Now the question I ask
The nature of my task
To be apart but connected
Repay the People's trust
Till things stand corrected
Hack away at this Engine's rust
Till I and this tower are dust

When the Burning Horizon
Meets the Ivory Tower
All you can do
Is question its power

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