Tuesday, July 14, 2020

America delenda est, delenda est America

America is dead

America did not start dying
On the 11th of September
The rot was built
Into the foundation from the start

When saints and sinners were sent
To make a New World
Carrying genocide in blankets and bullets
It was there already

When white gentlemen rested
In cotton dyed in blood
While black men toiled in cages of bone
It blossomed putridly

When the stars and stripes
Cast its shadow on San Juan,
Hanoi, Manila, Baghdad
It spread across the globe

When Wall Street's minotaur
Plowed over the avenues
Of Buenos Aires, Caracas, Moscow
It infected the heart of the world

Now sickness alone remains
As patriots cough death
As black blood stains the streets
As weak mindedness masquerades as strength

America is dead
Dead is America

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