Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Day Report

Good morning officers
Here’s what’s on the slate
For all you lucky sirs
Living it up last night till late

Drunk tank is full of barflies
Keep your eye on Kringle in red
He trashed a number of guys
For being naughty, he said

We’ve got two missing people, maybe
A senile old man in top hat and cane
And naked except for a sash, a baby
Same report as last year, here we go again

Had a stockbroker murder-suicide his wife
Some toga-wearing Mexican guy
Found and brought them back to life
It’s in the report, don’t ask how or why

Chinatown was strangely quiet
A few fireworks, colors pretty nice
Little Tokyo was a real riot
Drunken punks on sake pounding rice

So off you go on first patrol
I’ll make one thing perfectly clear
Remember that as you roll
It only gets crazier from here

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