Saturday, January 22, 2011

Children of Japan Awake

Grand daughters and sons of Old Japan
Children of New Types of new Japan
Distrust the complacency of your full bellies
Ignore the siren song of your electronic shells
Don’t be fooled by somber recruit suits and fairs
Make no mistake
Your very lives are in danger

Heirs of the samurai
Your grandparents fished peace and prosperity
From a sea of fire
Now Middle Kingdom Princes and Princesses
Come riding their own bubble to Olympus
Each eyeing the president’s chair
While you price check massage loungers

The old suits that bought and sold Japan’s future
Those selfsame ancient lizards exhort you now
Rise to your feet youth of Japan
But you have spent your whole childhood
Dressed like a Prussian soldier or sailor
Hammered down nails
Can not suddenly stand on their own

Now is the time to awake
Stop sleeping manga dreams
Stop living virtual lives
Drop your school girl panties
Close your rhinestone cellphones
This foreign son is here to shake you
And with my outsider tongue wake you

I am grateful to the gods of this land
For giving me the chance to wake you saviors of Japan

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