Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In the morning

I know why

You put on makeup

To hide your beauty

So the sun will rise

And not be outshone

By your face

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Peddler

Morning escape from the gravity of my bed
To the gods-washed air of spring Japan
After the rains of the season
I hump 10 kilograms of words in my backpack
I am a peddler of words
I buy with a smile or a single letter
I sell either hard or softly
Charming or cajoling students to cough up their hoarded words
I sold words in my homelands once
Flowery French that melts your mouth
To fidgety babes that spat it out
Staccato English that echoes in your house
To finicky buyers who already had their share
Lean Japanese that turned all angles 45 degrees
To fanboys busting out of kimonos like the dead
But it was not the same as here
Peddling my wares for a good price
After the rains of the season
In the gods-washed air of spring Japan

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Of Love and Pain

There is no why

There is only you and I

There is no when

There is once never again

There is no how

There is only us right now

Wipe your eyes, dry your tears

Try to smile the coming years

Until from pain our souls are freed

This love we share is all we need

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ode to Youth Wasted

“Youth is wasted on the young”
Don’t believe that horse dung!
My younger self wasted every day
Frittering my time and love away
Stealing kisses from the pretty
Making mistakes naïve and petty
I tell you now the absolute truth
This is the very purpose of youth
I will never for a second repent
A wanton second I misspent
As for wishing you were young again
There is no worse way your time to spend
Putting in kid bodies adult mind sets
Would spoil their childish kindness
The last thing people need
Is jaded adults in their greed
Grown ups and their ways untruthful
Trying to ruin things youthful
There could be no greater fatality
Then if we discover immortality

Reflections May End

Only Out of Sight

Living out of sight is really being out of mind. Such is life, but for those who’ve never ranged far from home, this is what it feels like. Drop us a line form time to time.

The Hand of Man

I like the way the Japanese let nature grow over infrastructure to a great degree. Easy to imagine it reclaiming things if we were gone. Happening now in Fukushima, actually.

African Beats

The old Festival d’ete in Ville de Quebec is where my love affair with African music started. Merci Quebec!

Ode to Naked Young People

We had such bad bodyself- images when we were young! How could anyone but an utter prude be shocked at a young person in shape showing a little flesh?

Urban Haikus

Nature always finds a way in Japan, One of the charms of the place.

My Maniac Friends

Mark and mark and Mike, dunno why you put up with me, but thanks.

Morning Haikus

Walking home from Glen’s lovely ricefield home inspired these. Hungover and sick as a dog, only the beauty kept me feet going one after the other.

Bin Laden Haikus

First is what I would ask him, second is the closest I ever came to him.

A Log House

A German prof at work had me over for coffee. Funny old time.

Conversation with Jonathan

Little game I played on Facebook with Jonathan. Glad to see him in Japan again.

Old Loves

My love for the old town is there, alright, eclipsing all those other old ones.

Haikus for Mothers

Mothers are walking miracles.

Cosmology of Modern Man

Just boiling down what BS people spout to its prime ingredients.

On Watching Edison’s Silent Kinetoscope Movies

My satellite TV has these great early films. If you come over, watching these is the litmus test to see if we have similar appreciation for old things. Amazing images.

Ode to Mutinies

Taught a course on African-American history. A wonder they didn’t mutiny. Then again, mutiny or revolution is all where you’re standing.

In The City

More nature poking through in urban Japan. Love it.

Modern Inconveniences

I feel the need for face to face interaction, but FB is a decent substitute. So is this blog, I guess.

World’s End

Another faulty Rapture. Another group of idiot believers. Guess the world needs to be reminded of human nature from time to time.

Two Way Street

Inspired by Draskoy and my street. You should see me park.


I thought all my spring poems were out, but a good clean air day can bring one on.

Ode to Super Villany

Bad guys in tights have nothing on CEOs in suits.

Body Haikus

I fear there are more of these reflections on aging coming. Oh well….

Procrastination Haiku 1

Sometimes life is just too beautiful to spend working.


What a great shock it is to feel. Must start doing these at work a bit more.


I don’t feel that erotic attraction so much any more, but that railing of a young mind in an older body is there. As is my love of Greek poets.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Girl in the summer white skirt
Greek sandals on the stairs
You could be a figure from Sappho
I am drawn like Hylas to his death
I yearn to be my old younger self
Hair like a girl next to yours
My young eyes drinking your beauty
Not trapped in this stink of old man flesh

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


You’ll know it when you feel it
That sense of connecting

I felt it once in karate
Getting my ass kicked
Master yelled “Do it like practice”
A perfect punch like a lightning bolt
Yellow belt connecting to black
He yelled out, incredulous

I felt it when I met my wife
Talking together in a café
We reached for the same cup
A perfect touch like a lightning bolt
Pink hand connecting to beige
We laughed, embarrassed

You’ll know it when you feel it
That sense of connecting

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Procrastination Haiku 1

Sit and eat ice cream

Sky watching from balcony

Work screams to be done

Monday, May 23, 2011

Body Haikus

Body Haiku 1

My midsection sags
Bus to work and stand teaching
Must start jogging home

Body Haiku 2

My face grows fleshy
Exercise and soy lose to
My Inuit genes