Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gay Co Worker

Your self confident machismo
Cloaked you from my gaydar
(And brother, I got good gaydar)
You, consummate professional
Kindly shared your wisdom
With us new naïve teachers
Lit the gloom with your wit
Lips loosened at the beer garden party
I asked you straight ‘Are you gay?’
The others were shocked, not we
Knowing it didn’t matter (but it does)
You answered ‘Yes’ and we talked on
Happy to be colleagues and be ourselves
I have had gay friends back in Canada
Who couldn’t find happiness when they tried
Who lost to the pressure of the family myth
Flushed life away with pills and drink
So it makes me happy to see you happy
I hope you are out there somewhere in the city
Laughing rough and tumble with a young Japanese
Sucking life’s juice and spitting out the rinds
And hope to see your wit light the gloom
Monday at work

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