Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady Mantis

Late season mantis before death
Laying your eggs on the wall
Ootheca like brown skirts peeping out
From under your jade beauty
Offspring of the mate you ate
Your nymphs will feed on one another
When the spring you will never see
Comes around again

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost in the Desert

Sweating under desert sun
In your hand your golden gun
Placed against the browned nape
Of your partner in the rape
Of your people and your land
A machinegun in his hand
Held to the back of another ghoul
You used to torture as your tool
Who in turn a prisoner covers
Then in turn turns his gun on others
And on across the burning dunes
A line of threatening armed goons
Stretches past the horizon
Seems forever to go on
But unseen bends back again
Through the cities of your land
Like an asp the sands it roams
Till it loops back through homes
Through the country and the city
Threatening lives without pity
The final instant you come to know
The last muzzle rested on your brow
And the line of murderers you began
With a shot end your lifespan

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Would Conan Do?

In this savage civilization
When my soul suffers abrasions
There is one honest self-query
That renders me quite cheery

When I'm deathly sick at heart
A question brings to me comfort
When my mind is pained too
I ask, what would Conan do?

What would Conan do?
Spur his mighty thews
Into furious action!
Not be content with mere reaction

When relations with my wife
Have caused me undue stress and strife
I do like Conan with the vampire
Throw my worries in the fire!

When I compare my unlovely flab
To the Cimmerian’s iron abs
I tax my muscles in sun or rain
Like he did on the Wheel of Pain

When dirty workplace politics
Tire me of civilization’s tricks
I escape as the barbarian goes
By moving catlike in shadows

When from futile job searches
Zombielike my body lurches
Like Conan fighting foes undying
I fight on till the prize is mine

When misfortune from heaven comes
I rely on myself, never ask of Crom
If god doesn’t deign to pull me through
I’ll gladly yell ‘To hell with you!’

When life has me cowered
I channel that hero of Howard
This question always gets me through
I ask, what would Conan do?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halogen Call

Unclenched feet from leather prisons
Pad catlike into sneakers
Radiation etched brown eyes
Drink lightless gulfs between halogen bursts
Chalk dust dry old man throat
Breathes night air free of conditioning and body stink
Bumper car psyche
Listens to the sound of itself
Mouse contorted back and arms
Fall gently into gentle swish

30 minutes without work or world
Ready to be home at my own door

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ode to Dying Men

Some of my best friends
Have been dying men

The explorer dying of cancer
Told me tales of sealhide boats
Why you never fix an outboard to them
Of a thousand near-death escapes
On ice pans in white storms
The breathless sight of Northern Lights
Of boundless friendship of the North
And made me proud
Of the homeland I had spent my life
Running from

The grappler diabetic with guts rotting
Told me tales of bloody streets
Showed me his long nihonto scar
Bruised knuckles from GI faces
Friends dead in yakuza wars
The transformation of his scarred land
Shared the strength and peace of budo
And made me proud
Of the second homeland where I spend my life
Creating myself

Some of my best friends
Have been dying men
Have taught me life
In the grip of Death

Friday, October 21, 2011


Come Apocalypse!
Come the End of these Times
Come New Age
Awaken the Divine Feminine
To break open the Vaults of Knowledge
Let the Death of this world
Of its Priests of the Bull and Bear
Of Moneylender Temples
Give birth to a New Order
Where Each is valued what they are Worth

Come Apocalypse!
Come the End of all Wars
Come the New Humans
To banish Hate and Avarice
Seal up the Split Atom and Mother of All Bombs
Let the Death of this world
Of its Lords of Strife and Maiming
Of Old Men of the Mountain
Give birth to a New Country
Where each has his fill of Milk and Honey

Come Apocalypse!
Come the Birth of New Consciousness
Come Brotherhood of Man
Come the Singularity
To take us away from the Womb of this Earth
Help us stand Independent and fully Grown
Let the Death of our Childhood
Of its Caul of Fears and Fantasies
Of its Bogeymen and Bullies
Give Unity to our fractured Selves
Where we find Strength to step out into the Light

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Modern Anthropology I

 I do not speak
This modern language of clothes
In sweat pants and Chinese hat
To work I do go

I see in the faces
Of morning bus riders
Disgust and disdain
For my casual attire

They do not know
I change in my office
They judge without thinking
That’s how tribal law is

Listen, I’d wear a pin stripe suit to bed
If it’d make me a better teacher
But it’s the man not the clothes
That teaches and reaches you

I do not speak this language of clothes
Or wish to know its taboos or to dos
I only know how primitive it is
When superficial judgments we choose to use

Perhaps they are right to judge by my wear
Perhaps I am a savage in modern dress
The truth is that I really don’t care
That’s my civil response to this world’s savageness

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ironic Koans

In Japan
They deliver food
On a motorbike
And leave a mountain
Of styrofoam
In Korea
They do the same
But leave metal dishes
And drive back to get them
Which is more eco?

In Egypt
Four men push a shovel
While one pulls it with a rope
In Canada
One man operates a steam shovel
While four hold flags and chat
Which is more efficient?

In North Korea
People with no freedom
Starve or eat their children
In America
People with nothing but freedom
Eat until they bust
Which is more meaningless?

Fall Haikus

Fall Haiku 1

Exercise in fall
Leaves and dried seed pods clinging
Even through washing

Fall Haiku 2

Early cooling dusks
Sweatless jogging home from work
Steaming I arrive

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ode to Kyoto

Like an old geisha
You lure me with melancholy songs
Like an old geisha
Your makeup hides ancient battle scars
Like an old geisha
I love you and think you love me
Like an old geisha
You just want my money

1000 yen just to get to you and back
More if I go downtown to Sanjo
Where all the action is

Like an old geisha
You befriend my wife
Like an old geisha
You take her shopping at Isetan and Shijo
Like an old geisha
You understand a woman's heart
Like an old geisha
You just want her man