Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost in the Desert

Sweating under desert sun
In your hand your golden gun
Placed against the browned nape
Of your partner in the rape
Of your people and your land
A machinegun in his hand
Held to the back of another ghoul
You used to torture as your tool
Who in turn a prisoner covers
Then in turn turns his gun on others
And on across the burning dunes
A line of threatening armed goons
Stretches past the horizon
Seems forever to go on
But unseen bends back again
Through the cities of your land
Like an asp the sands it roams
Till it loops back through homes
Through the country and the city
Threatening lives without pity
The final instant you come to know
The last muzzle rested on your brow
And the line of murderers you began
With a shot end your lifespan

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