Monday, January 9, 2012

Ode to Fearless Young People

Young people I know
Lend me your ear
Believe me when I say
You got to fight that fear
That grows on you year by year

Fear of strangers
A child would wave to anyone
The old fear they will be undone
But keep your heart and hand open
And hands and hearts will be open to you
Learn quickly who is worth friending
Then you’ll enjoy bonds unending

Fear of failure
A child will try to do anything
The old excuse themselves by lying
Create in themselves a fear of flying
Shake fears off like water drops
Never forget to try the new
Before deciding what you cannot do

Young people I know
Banish fear from your door
Be cautious of injury and risk, for sure
But don’t let fear make your life poor
Be rich in spirit and in step secure

Young people I have known
I thank you all for sharing with me
The joy of everyday life
The courage that keeps me free
The young eyes that let me see

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