Sunday, February 26, 2012


Heard on the news yesterday
A retired billionaire investor
Promised to give his wealth away
To those it would do best for

At first I thought this is legit
This billionaire’s quite the man
Then wondered how he earned it
That I couldn’t understand

He talked of those the system failed
How his money would save them
But those laws against which he railed
It’s billionaires like him who raped them

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We swam out to the iceberg
Grounded at Middle Cove
In half wetsuits we lent
To the salt sea we dove
We shivered by the bonfire
Cold gripping our bones
Our shadows danced on the cliff walls
As the surf boomed behind us

We walked out to Three Ponds
Lugging beer bottles and wine
Behind the university
We walked through the pines
We streaked through the moonlight
Our bodies were fine
Starlight winked on the water
As the wind whispered around us

We climbed the old chainlink
Pool of Bannerman Park
We giggled and shushed
As we undressed in the dark
Only halogen linings
Silhouetted our stark
Our eyes drank the blackness
Our hearts beat beat like drums

Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Highway Story

When I was a younger man
I rode your ribbon from west to east
All the way to my icy homeland
In an ancient metal beast

First day, outskirts of the angel’s haven
In my mirror red and blue lights
Pulled into the front of a 7-11
Watched troopers and illegals fight

Like a dutiful Canadian I did stop
Thinking the lights and sirens were for me
Finally approached by a lone cop
Who pulled his weapon free

“Boy, why did you stop?” The trooper spoke
“I saw your lights behind me”
“Do you know these folks?”
“No, I just stopped for authority.”

The trooper was mystified
“Boy, where you from?” he said
“Canada” I replied
He sheathed his gun and shook his head

“Boy, go on out of here
Have a safe trip across America
But one thing I want you to be clear
Never stop for anything you saw”

I thanked him and we drove on
Through Nevada’s desert, Utah’s chill
Past badland hoodoos and suburban lawns
Nearly burnt the engine on Colorado’s hills

We shot through the corn states silently
Then through Michigan’s rusted heart
Up New York’s coast of golden-leaved trees
And at Maine’s border we parted

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Spinning gold from air
Like raven suited gods
Perched on high
In their boardroom
Atop Olympus
They fell
Those old Japanese lizards
When the alien trickster
Revealed the truth
The magics they worked
Lost the faith of tithe-givers
In chains they await
No time for gods anymore
In this broken, idiot world

Good riddance

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wise Up Suckers!

When we open eyes on this insane place
Tabla rasa, hungry mouth and eyes
Not even words to give order to our space
Piss and shit factory that screams and cries
Born suckers for any con that comes along
Playing peek-a-boo happily for hours
No clue as to what is right or wrong
Believing greedily all things to be ours
As we grow, some drop their blindfolds
See how the world works behind the curtain
Learn to question all they’ve been told
Realize that nothing is ever certain
But too many want to stay lost for life
Happy to follow any given order
In conformity they seek to avoid strife
Never challenging their world’s borders
But most of us remain in between
Not quite sheep but not quite poets
Sensing there is a truth to set us free
But lacking the means to show it
Yet greater lights have walked this path
Their second hand wisdom is better than none
Start with the poets, read some Wilde
Go back and find Shakespeare or Donne
If the truth of fiction is not to your taste man
The philosophers will steer you right
Nietzsche peered into the modern wasteland
McLuhan and Chomsky turned back our night
In life there is no manual of use
We start dumb, but how we finish
Depends on whether we seek or deny truth
It is up to us to rise or diminish

Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Place Haikus

Warm winter night breath
St John’s between storms and fogs
Tint row houses blue

Plum scented night air
Seta on the Tokaido
Willows reflected

Blast furnace night air
Caressing skin in Aswan
Pharaoh’s moon shines blue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making Heaven On Earth

In the park by Lake Biwa
Across from the cult grounds
Fancy black cars and tour buses
Mown grass and pruned trees
Brick wall embossed ‘Heaven on Earth Society’
Steel and glass space nipple headquarters
I found you
Shivering under a straggly bush
Mewling in hunger and cold
And fed you
With what little I had

If those nutjobs want to make heaven on earth
They could do worse
Than to start with a little orange cat
Suffering in front of their main gate

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Lust

Giggling and kissing teens
Hands down each other’s pants
Crushed tight in the backseat
Of my friend’s old Volkswagon
My lips stained black by red wine
Yours sweet with pink lemonade
We drank in the tent
On a warm summer night
Strong pixie cut girl
Beautiful long haired boy
Heading back through the Barrens
Past ponds and rocky game trails
To the city by the cold dark sea
Where our lust would run its course
But our friendship

Book It Up

This blog keeps rolling along, and my original intent to write poetry nearly everyday has been a success, strengthening my writing muscles and improving both my phraseology and also my ability to sit down and write. Instead of taking away from my PhD work and ESL writing, it has made them less of a chore.

For which I feel pretty blessed.

The question remains what to do with all these poems, and so my summer plan will be to collate and edit a large enough selection to publish as an E-book. I will keep making poems, as I still feel them bubbling up inside me, but researching E-publishing and getting a book out there seems pretty exciting.

Thanks for your support and consideration.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Open Letter to Madonna

Isn’t it time
To crown a new Madonna?
Madonna was never meant to be
One person forever
She is meant for all people
For all time
Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Promethia
All rolled up like seXXXy tuna
Lift some poor child with an angel’s voice
Unto the throne of Queenship
Take your place in the shadows
As we all must
Stop wearing spandex
Relax in luxuriant robes
As your name carries on