Friday, March 30, 2012

Ode to Unfriending People

Is not just the place
Where I say hello
It’s where I let you know
Exactly where I stand
And where you stand with me
But if you cannot agree
With my expressions and digressions
Then you are free
To unfriend me
And go on your way
But stand in my way
Or try to dictate what I say
And you will be unfriended
Our connection ended
Just as it will end
If you prove yourself not a friend
But show me a face
That goes against my values
Or spouts bigotry or tyranny
Then I will set free
Both you and me
From each other’s face and Facebook

Life is too short to tiptoe around

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christmas in Old St John's

"Your folks still live
Down in the Battery?"
The question hung in the peppermint knob air

"Nah, they sold it
To some yuppie couple who fixed it up
Whole place is maggoty with them"

We talked like this in the wine bar
(Wine bar in St John's? Go on wit ya)
I had got in from Japan a week ago
He in from Montreal yesterday

We sat
Young men
Wrapped in the flesh of older men
Steel wool beards
Replacing the Jesus locks of youth

Escaped from our parents' homes
40 year old men sleeping on foldout cots
Next to our wives
No children either of us

Christmas lights in the window
Lit us
Silhouettes of young smokers talked outside
In a language we no longer understood

With gold cards and fat wallets
We bought and drank whatever we fancied
No longer contenting ourselves on Blue Star of mainland specials

"You ever think of moving back?"
He looked at the crowds, not me, as he spoke
"I did my time during grad school here. No work for me here"

The town was booming
I had once thought to buy one of the cheap houses
That exist now in memories and photographs

The town was booming
For people not like us
Overeducated and understimulated
Working mainland jobs in more than 10 block downtowns

"Nice to be back, though. I saw a ton of people on the plane in"
"Merry Christmas man. Sorry, no present"

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Ocean Journey

Pajamaed Girls in one room
Track panted Boys in the other
The first time our world rocked
On a larger ocean

Snuck off two by two
Virgin pairs of innocents
Or couples who knew exactly
What they were doing

If they touched each other
They didn’t show it
If they touched each other
We didn’t know it

You and I talked and laugh
Then grew silent side by side
Looking at our reflections
In the night mirrored porthole

Pajamaed Girls in one room
Track panted Boys in the other
The first time our world rocked
On a larger ocean

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Police Man

If you let yourself
Become a tool in the hands of the powerful
Don’t be surprised
When you are prized from their grasp
And thrown down with them
Don’t plead law and order
When you don’t stand for it

Friday, March 16, 2012

Japanese Gay Boy

You stood cycling against the wind
As I walked pushed by it
Sensing a common strangeness
Neither Yuki nor Takeshi
You wondered how big I am
How hairy
I wondered how good your English is
Would you be happier in San Francisco
Or in Berlin
In places where people like you
And people like me

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Phone

The end of the human race
Is in hand
You boy stare at the screen
While she looks at your eyes
Trying to connect
Finding no signal

You bicycle girl
Eyes glued to the screen
Playing games in traffic
No one will love you
Just like your avatar
In its digital garden

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


There will be days
When everything that is made
Will be unmade and made again

When the land heaves and pitches
And the dark sea stands still
Warm snowflakes melt my cold body
Till nothing is left

There will be days
When everything that is made
Will be unmade and made again

Sunlight leaves me blind
And I see in the night
The darkness as clear as daytime

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beppu Spring Haiku

Morning's cold sunlight
Hot spring steam joins blue sky clouds
Spring comes to Beppu

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bugs in The System + Slowdown Report

BUGS IN THE SYSTEM (unfinished)

When life is a broken app
So easy to fall through a crack
Can’t turn back can’t go forward
Things end up turning morbid
You want to reboot and start over again

You’ve found a bug in the system
And there’s nobody here who can fix it
Just trapped like a bug in the kitchen
Waiting for something to squish it

Life feels like some big game
God played in his mainframe
If there ever was a creator
He must be coming back later
Because he isn’t paying attention here now

We’re all just bugs in the system
Looking for someone to fix us
Dodging rocks as fast as they pitch them
Hoping the better team picks us

Going on a trip for a few days. Back the 12th with some good memories and a fistful of clear sky poems.