Monday, April 30, 2012

Selling Newfoundland

A page of native rights
We sold away for oleo-margarine
Good job, Joey!
The infusion of Canada cash
Drew conmen like flies
Joey, a fine judge of character
Put them to work bilking the money away
Two bought hotels and retired to Panama

I am proud
The first contact of missionaries with Labrador Inuit
Ended with cannibalism
I have a bit of missionary in me, I guess
To make up a little
For the lifestyle they bled away

We took on the debt
Defending England in WW1
Let England use the generation of young men
Who could have led this country
As cannon fodder in France
So English soldiers could go home on weekends
No wonder England shut us down
Sent us packing to Canada
They were also tired of governing
Not tired of taking millions
In royal bans for the Queen’s visits.

But that’s why the land was claimed
To sell off to the old country
I guess not much has changed

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