Thursday, April 25, 2013


“I don’t like being accused
Of being that type of guy”
He said
Ignoring that
We have all been that type of guy
At some time in life
Before someone told us
Don’t pull hair
Don’t push a girl
If you like her
Or if you don’t
Be a gentleman
Then be a gentle man
“These chicks
Just like attacking guys”
He said
Of fearful nightwalks
Acid attack nightmares
The terrible question
“What were you wearing?”
As if clothes were an invitation
To commit any crime
Safe and secure
He grinned
I stood up
And left him
With his rape culture

Monday, April 8, 2013


Asia has so much history
Japan forgets to put it in her textbook
South Korea will never leave a second out
While China is always making her own
And South Korea writes alternate history
Better than fiction

Asia has so many fireworks
Japan exhausted hers a long time ago
South Korea borrows her uncle’s sparkler
China keeps on stockpiling bottle rockets
And North Korea aims hers at her neighbor’s walls
Better than family

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The world isn’t flat
It is flattened
Spun out, sped up
Intensified and concentrated
Words race across the globe
Before they are spoken
What’s ordered today
Gets here yesterday
We are becoming
A single body
With electric nerves
Connecting dumb tissue
Eyes that can’t see the self
Hands that know not what the head does
A head that thinks it commands all
While cancers bloom
In forgotten flesh