Monday, September 30, 2013

The Holy Grocery Bill

I have had my fill
Of the Holy Grocery Bill
That God left behind
For us cavemen to find
Inconsistent rules for life
Designed for misery and strife

Where’s the Commandment against rape?
That would separate us from apes
It isn’t there, anywhere
Where’s the fatwah against acid attacks
From a man trying to get back?
It isn’t there, anywhere
Where’s the mizvot against herpes
Given by circumcision slurpees?
It isn’t there, anywhere
Where's the sutra against pillage
Of another cult's  village?
It isn't there anywhere

Why listen to your conscience
When you can kill and rape like God says
I think there’s no doubt about it
We’d be better off without it

But the Holy Grocery Bill’s text
Is just a reflection of our illness
We’d realize we didn’t need it
If only we didn’t feed it
There’s some good items in there too
That are read by far too few
If we fanned the flames of this light
We’d better judge what is right
And see the darkness in our hearts
Is what’s keeping us apart

Friday, September 13, 2013


Listening to Sharon Van Etten
I remember you Kate
Beautiful girl
Your boyish grin
Your boyish haircut
Thumbs hooked into your jeans
How we’d talk about girls
Playing pool at the gay bar whose name I forget

Listening to silence
I remember the night
Soaking wet
You told me
You had a secret
I said if it was that you were a lesbian
That was half the reason I liked you
And no reason to stop being your friend

Listening to rainfall
I remember the morning
Smoking menthols
You told me
How your first love
Broke your heart and broke off ties
Like half your family and friends
Was already married and pregnant

Listening to nothing
I remember that Toronto night
Eating Greek food
You introduced me
To your fiancée
Two beautiful girls
Making me blush and look away
As you snuck kisses in the restaurant

Listening to my blood rush
I remember that afternoon
At your front door
Your sister told me
About your suicide
Just before your wedding
I walked home crying
Not needing to see the streets we played on

Kate, I love you miss you remember you

Monday, September 2, 2013


In life
It’s a small window
When I can rock you to sleep in my arms, son

It’s a small window
When I can take you in the tub with me
Then wash you clean and dry and clothe you, son

It’s a small window
When you beam at me and smile when I say “Good morning”
Then we talk nonsense to each other for an hour, son

It’s a small window
When everything I do makes you smile or laugh
My off key songs are music to your ears, son

It’s a small window
I will look back through
The rest of my life