Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bird of Jannah

Bird of Jannah
Free of her Northwestern cage
Swaddled in comforting black
A solo hijrah
Then a Shaam marriage
With her mujaheed Abu
A stranger who will leave her widowed
(But not too soon!)

Bird of Jannah
Perched in a little apartment in Syria
Cleaned of wallstains
Emptied of former occupants
They eat Pringles
Watching TV
‘As the World Burns’ she says
‘’Flames of War’ he corrects her

Bird of Jannah
Two little chicks in her nest
Raising them for martyrdom
Complained about the Australian cleric
Saw his son kicking a ball
‘Not a soccer ball
But a hooligan’s head’
Apu corrects her

Bird of Jannah
Bound by rules of hudud
Rejecting the West
Watching Frozen
Fighting on Twitter and Facebook
For all the muslims killed
By US bombs and guns
(And the Jews!)

Bird of Jannah
Surrounded by widows

Gabbing crows on a line

In her kitchen Nutella with tea
Happy if her Apu does return
Happier if he does not
But goes instead to Jannah
To meet his virgins

Bird of Jannah is the second wife
Bowing to the first, death

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