Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Silent Lovers

Two silent lovers
She inside, he out
Dark eyes locked
Waving their fingers
At the ticket gates
Again by the iron railing
And again at the stairwell

Sweetest, saddest, beautifullest thing
I have seen in quite some time

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tennoji Zoo

It was in the Tennoji Zoo
Watching the lions
Your weight on my shoulders
Pushing my third & fourth vertebrae together
Conforming me to average height
Screaming boys in baseball caps
With plastic swords
Chubby girls in Barbie shirt
Walking after mothers
I knew we'd have to leave
This country that put itself
Back on the road to war

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cat and Carp

Beautiful black and white stalker
Ears perked, haunches coiled
Eyes alight with birds
You give up instantly
Tongue your muddy paws
Nap standing in the sun
Between stone bench, temple and stream
Thank you for being in my world

Cold gold and grey wanderer
Gills whispering, body undulant
Obsidian eyes inscrutable
You undulate slowly
Through muddy waters
Disappear in the shadow
In dark stream below stone bridge and bench
Thank you for being in my world

Kyoto Cricket Song

Is that a cricket chirping
In our hot apartment
This sweaty Kyoto night
Or a loose screw
In our old fan
That barely turns
The turgid air

I know you cricket
I saw you yesterday
Brown cockroach color
Peeping out from under my slippers
In the hall
My roach murder rage dissipated
When I saw your fiddlebow legs
And sad pinhead eyes

I let you live
Now you serenade us this night
Your repeated high C
Cooler than any old fan
That barely turns
The turgid air
This sweaty Kyoto night

Our Memories

What you'll remember
Blue up
Shovel house
Sun on skin
Animal smells
Sweet mouth

What I remember
Sunny Saturday morning
I took you for a walk
Under an azure fall sky
The quaint old house
I wanted to buy
Being ripped down
By a power shovel
The foreman tousled your hair
As you watched enraptured from your pram
We bought bread from the French place
Then watched the goats and rabbits
Playing out back
We sat and shared apple strudel
You grinned and asked for more apple
More apple please more
As the sun shed the morning's chill
And for the first time ever
You asked your dida for a hug
Instead of running from
My stubble and wet dog smell

Our memories are one

Friday, October 2, 2015

Long Commuter Haiku

Drink in the blue sky
Tree lined walk to the station
Come home in the dark