Saturday, September 30, 2017

Time For Me

Wandered out of dreamland
Midway between the gates of Moon and Sun
Found myself in the living room
Listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad on repeat

Fixed a letter for a student
Volunteering his Japaness in Vietnam & Indonesia
Rich doctor's son in guitar club
I sent him the link to Sense & Sensibility

You'll go upward and I'll go down
You'll go forward and I'll go back
You'll go upward and I'll go down
I hope we'll catch up with each other back on campus

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Late Lazy Day of Love

Woke up under a starless blanket of endless sky
This late lazy Day of Love

Walked my shadow hand in hand to his school
Sent my hopes in a manila A4 express pack
Ate two slices of friendship
Drank a cup of lukewarm obligation

I sit listening to my digital brain sing
As I do twelve shirts of meditation

Sitting in a couch of arms and legs
I'll be driven to my holding pen
Milked of my Anglo-Saxon
Then driven back
Hanging raw from my joint hook all the way

When I stumble home
My sun will already be sleeping

I'll crawl in beside him
Let his breath lullaby me
Out of this world

Until his rising
Draws me back

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Rainy September

I'll survive
Rainy September in Japan
A can of cold coffee
Warming up in my pocket

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Garbage Park

This is the park
Where homeless hid their mahjong board
In the public toilets
To play on benches
When homeful people
Took their eyes elsewhere

This is the park
Where my foreign body comes
To kick itself into shape
Sweat out the toxins of age
Karate my worst enemy
My dojo between three trees

This is the park
Where soccer boys
Chase each other down
In homoerotic summer games
Leaving tessellated footprints
Empty sports drink bottles

This is the park
Where salarymen drink cheap sake cups
Poor young bucks scream at midnight
Find the mahjong board
Smash it into pieces
Drive unmuffled bikes home

This is the park
Where the wind blows garbage
In every season
Half drunk cans and PET bottles
Leaves clogging the chainlink fence
Mixed with mahjong board fragments