Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gymnast Eyes, Doctor's Hands

I always thought
Seeing the graceful and strong beauty
Of American gymnasts
The red, white, and blue
Blurring as their bodies cut through space
And showed what the human form is capable of
There was sadness in those women's eyes

I thought
Maybe they regretted losing childhood
To trainings and competitions
Putting aside romance, family, children
For gold, silver, and bronze
Putting their body through trials
That stopped their flow of life-giving blood

It was not sadness
In those gymnasts' eyes
Who gave all willingly for the prize
It was fear
Disgust and loathing
Black anger
At a pestilent doctor's hands

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Burning Horizon, Ivory Tower

Born of the Wilderness
I appeared in my roughhewn dress
Fumbled around the Gates of the City
Taught myself their Words
It wasn't pretty
Now I speak the forked tongue of the Lords
Cause Pens are much cheaper than Swords

Now is the Hour
There's a new Ivory Tower
They made just for me
But while I was walking there
They pulled down three
It's given me quite a scare
I wish I had been more aware

Don't expect a denouement
This is just my announcement
I have staked my life on
This outdated game
The Burning Horizon
Approaches the same
Stars returning as night came

Now the question I ask
The nature of my task
To be apart but connected
Repay the People's trust
Till things stand corrected
Hack away at this Engine's rust
Till I and this tower are dust

When the Burning Horizon
Meets the Ivory Tower
All you can do
Is question its power